Gathering together as Family.

Mid week groups

These groups are places where people can get to know one another more, learn from one another, pray for each other, hear God together and just like true family, support each other both practically and spiritually, along the journey.

We believe that Church is a family and throughout the week we look for different opportunities to come together in different ways.

The format and purpose of these times will vary depending on the group. Some may be a shared interest group such as knitting, or specific teaching like a teaching course. Some will meet during the day, such as Little Treasures Parents and Tots Group, others will meet in evenings, such as the Worship team and Youth.

Whether new believers group, marriage course, prayer groups or Life Groups┬áthat meet in each other’s homes; our aim is to be family together. We encourage all our family members, as much as possible, to be part of a Life Group