David and Ruth Hadden
David and Ruth Hadden

Our culture here at ANCL is to encounter the presence of God.  

This is a main goal of the worship team that we not only play and sing well, but we are able to host his presence.  As well as training, equipping and teaching, there is inspirational encouragement and songwriting.

We believe that we should pen the songs that represent what God is doing here in Leicester. Last year we had the privilege of recording an album - This Crown Belongs To You which was recorded "live" in two of our meetings.

We would love to do some more.



Worship Song Sheets

Below are some songs we have written here at ANCL. You can download the PDFs below to view or print.

"The Lion Roars"

"This Crown Belongs To You"

"To Exalt Your Name"

"You Are My Anchor"