Worship Connexion

Worship Connexion days are hosted by David Hadden and facilitate a time for worshippers to connect with the Father and with one another in a relaxed atmosphere.

The day comprises of worship, connecting with one another, interaction and is open to all!
There isn’t a charge to attend the day however we do ask you book in for administration purposes. Please click here to register.

Refreshments will be served throughout the course of the day however please note that lunch is not provided so please bring a packed lunch with you.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Culture of Heaven's Kingdom

Culture of Heaven’s Kingdom

‘Culture of Heaven’s Kingdom’ is a nine month school to equip, impart and release you into living a Kingdom lifestyle. With teaching from Ian & Marj Rossol, Michelle Arthur and others, you will be challenged to rethink and expand your view of Father, Son, Holy Spirit, identity, goodness and much much more.

The school will run from 12th October to 2017 and will be held every two weeks on a Thursday evening. Worship will happen from 7pm to 8pm so that we start from a place of Presence but class itself will start from 7:45pm. There will also be six Saturdays where you will be trained and released to go and bring the Kingdom in very practical ways.

‘A school to equip and release you into bringing heaven to earth today!’

The cost of the course is £100 for individuals and £150 for married couples. This covers the cost of the books you will be expected to read during the school N.B Couples will share one set of books.