Series: ELEMENTS: What We're All About

What we value becomes our behaviours. Values are the motivating force behind anything we do; the reason ‘why’. We are convinced that when we focus on building a church community from the foundation of values, we have the opportunity to be healthy, intentional and flexible. To focus on ‘what we do’ over ‘why we do it’ can lead to the kind of unhealthy institutionalisation where all our energy and resources go into serving what we do, rather than what we do, serving our intentions and values.

We want to stay nimble, creating regular opportunities to check back at our values. Corporately and individually owning the outworking of those values;
not just ascribing to them, but applying them in our lives and the life of the church where we are.

We’re so glad (and so honoured) that you’re thinking about joining us on the journey of following God together. Our heart is to create a church family  where people can live significant and meaningful lives surrounded by people who love and support them in their faith journey.

Elements is our chance to get to know you more and to show you what we value as a church family, Our prayer is that you would discover God’s love for you in new and amazing ways. Our values are expressed in our 3 E’s and as a church community we are all about: Encountering God, Empowering  people and Engaging the city.

These values sit underneath everything we do together as a church family but they also helpfully articulate the life of a disciple. When Jesus talked about disciples he used a word that in his culture was used to describe an apprentice. An apprentice had two simple goals: to be with their master and to become like their master which sounds a lot like Encountering God and being Empowered as his people! From this place an apprentice becomes skilled and effective at doing the things their master did and it’s just the same for us as we Engage the city.