Being Apostolic

Reflections Devotional from All Nations Church Leicester

What is being Apostolic? We are all Apostolic! Surprised, hey!

Jesus is the first Apostle, and so if we know Jesus as our Lord, walk like him, talk like him, we become Apostolic. Simple!

What is our Apostolic assignment? We are sent to bring heaven on earth – John 17:18

What are the characteristics of being Apostolic:

1) You know you have been sent to bring heaven unto earth
2) You have been empowered and set free by the Holy Spirit
3) You release hope and joy to those around you – Romans 5:1-5
4)You value family and relationships irrespective of differences – John 17:21
5) You demonstrate power – 1 Corinthians 2:4, 1 Corinthians 4:20
6) You represent Christ by serving
7) You strengthen and encourage
8) You value the unseen realm
9) You desire encounters of all shapes and sizes
10) You confront impossible situations through faith
11) You embrace mystery – ‘it doesn’t make sense, but I believe’
12) You build on the foundations of others
13) You have big visions and dreams birthed by the Holy Spirit
14) You persevere, you don’t quit! because even though you are down, you are not out –
2 Corinthians 4: 8-9

In Greek, Perseverance means ‘hupomone’ and it refers to the character of a person who is un-swerved from their deliberate purpose and loyalty to faith by even the greatest trials and suffering. Romans 5:3-4

Remember: you have been sent and no matter what you encounter on the way, your motto should be : ‘I am down but not out, quitting is not an option’!

Lets keep on in perseverance and hope!

Amen & Amen!

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