Captivated By Jesus

God is calling us into a place where we are captivated by Jesus, this will change us completely. God wants us to be captivated by His precious Jesus. Everything comes out of that place. We all have one common assignment, to reveal the Father to the world around us. Looking at Jesus is our starting point, he said, ‘Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father’ (John 14:9)

‘Don’t keep hoarding for yourselves earthly treasures that can be stolen by thieves. Material wealth eventually rusts, decays, and loses its value. Instead, stockpile heavenly treasures for yourselves that cannot be stolen and will never rust, decay, or lose their value. For your heart will always pursue what you value as your treasure’. (Matthew 6:19-21. Passion translation). These verses pose questions for us; What is your treasure? Where are you putting your treasure? What is your heart pursuing? Where are the eyes of your heart looking?

Every encounter with Jesus changes you, it is impossible to spend time with Him and stay the same.

People find treasure in money, title, position, material goods, for example. We need to pursue Jesus first and then all the other things will line up in their right place.

Jesus is so passionate for each one of us, fire burns in His eyes for you – He loves you so much. At the beginning of the year there was a prophetic word brought here at ANCL, God said that “people are too eager to leave His presence”. God also showed that He never goes anywhere; there is always a continuous flow of His presence, it is our choice whether or not we choose to live in this place.

Time spent with Jesus is never wasted as Mary of Bethany discovered, read Luke 10:42. Mary of Bethany longed to offer something of value to Jesus and in Mark 14:3-6 she lavishly poured out expensive perfume, worth a years wages, on Jesus in an act of worship. Onlookers criticized it as illogical and wasteful, but what others called a ‘waste’, Jesus called ‘beautiful’. Give Him all that you have, He knows where you are at in life, He knows your heart. What you pour out on Him, He will call beautiful.

Every encounter with Jesus changes you, it is impossible to spend time with Him and stay the same. When we spend time in His presence, we become so captivated by Him, so set on fire, so connected with Him that we become sensitive to what is on his heart and we see things that move us into action.

Let us make a decision this year to stay a bit longer in the presence of Jesus, this is to be our starting place.

  • Why not spend some time sitting at the feet of Jesus and, with Holy Spirit, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What do I treasure?
  • What is my heart pursuing?
  • Where are the eyes of my heart looking?
  • Do I need to realign somethings in my life with what God is saying to me?
  • What would it look like for me to offer an extravagant gift in surrender to Jesus? When we offer this gift to Jesus it is a precious act of worship and it will release a beautiful aroma.

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