Life Groups

ANCL Life Groups are official church life groups facilitated by appointed Life Group Leaders.

Some are based in homes while others meet at the church premises. People are encouraged to approach life group leaders to find out more about participating in available groups. Life groups are a great way to connect with people and to get to know others in the church and develop a friendship. They are a great place for spiritual development, care and support for one another.

Sileby Life Group
Who? Richard & Rachael Oldham
When? Fortnightly on a Wednesday evening at 7:30pm
Where? Sileby
What? A unique blend of fellowship, fun, food, prayer and pastoral support to enable our growth in Christ i.e. discipleship within a family setting. Looking to God through prayer, teaching, sharing scripture together with discussion and testimonies. A safe place to encourage freedom in using the gifts.
Eyres Monsell  Life Group
Who? Evelyn Gwata
When? Every Wednesday (occasional change to a Tuesday) at 7:00pm
Where? Eyres Monsell
What? We fellowship, pray, worship and read the word of God while sharing together. Everyone is welcome to join us in our emphasis on Matthew 28 v 18-20, making disciples, who will make disciples.
West Leicester Life Group
Who? Andy & Kathy Elton, assisted by Joseph & Rina Michael and Dave & Sandra Riding
When? Fortnightly on a Friday evening at 7:30pm
Where? All Nations Church
What? We meet together as a group of friends and families to share heart and life usually over a meal, social or family setting. We support and encourage each other to grow closer to God's word, prayer and generally talking through life's issues and challenges.
No. 12 (ANCL) Life Group
Who? Averil Dobson & Michelle Arthur
When? Once a month on a Tuesday evening at 6:30pm
Where? No. 12 Frog Island
What? We support and encourage each other  to grow closer to God and one another in fellowship, sharing God's word, testimonies and prayer. We have time to reflect and meditate on the word given during Sunday church meetings.