Come Out Of The Stands and Invade The Pitch

In our Sunday meeting recently, a young lady testified that following prayer, her curved spine (scoliosis) is straightening by degrees each time it is X rayed, even though doctors say it is medically impossible.

Another lady testified that an aneurism in her husband’s body has shrunk by 50% following prayer, again, declared medically impossible.

🎵 When the saints begin to pray for the Lord to have His way, the glory of the Lord is coming down 🎵

His glory is His goodness made manifest – Exodus 33:18-19

“Come out of the stands and invade the pitch”

In response to this challenge and invitation, we gathered in small groups on a Sunday morning to discuss where we each have a sense of Godly dissatisfaction and what we can do PERSONALLY to bring about change.

After all the ‘post it’ notes were collated, one of the area’s highlighted by you was?


Activation: –

Edmund Gondo has since encouraged us to climb the ‘iMountain’ i.e. ‘Identity Mountain’ of Prayer, where we are welcome as sons and daughters of God to bring our worship and our requests to God.

There are multiple opportunities each week for corporate prayer (see Bulletin) including Sunday mornings.

God has spoken prophetically about moving to a bigger prayer room (Meyer Hall) every Sunday morning for corporate prayer from 9:45am – 10:15am.  ALL WELCOME.

“Not a privileged place for elders and leaders but a privileged place for every son and daughter”. Edmund Gondo

While prayer is extremely rewarding, it calls for effort on our part. It is a ‘climb’ and not a ‘walk in the park’. However, the Holy Spirit Himself helps us to pray, when we choose to seek that place.

Prayer is a lifestyle of communion with God and is a moment by moment conversation, as well as a designated time aside alone with Him.

Jesus climbed the Mount of Transfiguration to pray Matthew 17:1-11


1) His identity was affirmed – “This is my Son, whom I love, listen to Him”.

Stand in the place of prayer with assurance of His love and acceptance.


 2) His glory was manifest – ‘His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as light’.

Let His glory fill you and His goodness flow through you.

” People form their opinion of God by looking at us”. Edmund Gondo.


3) The Prophets Moses and Elijah confirmed His destiny – ‘Moses and Elijah appeared and began talking with Jesus about all that He was about to accomplish’.

Take the promises of Scriptures and the prophetic promises of contemporary prophets to God in prayer. Jesus and his disciples met to pray in the Temple, homes and on the mountain. They didn’t wait for others to arrange it!

Two or three thousand or two or three individuals. Prayer is effective.


Let’s take our place as sons and daughters, taking the promises of the Bible and the words of prophecy through in- house prophecies and words through Graham Cooke, James Maloney and Emma Stark.

Let’s ponder them and take them back to God in prayer, in order to encourage one another to fulfil OUR destiny as individuals and as a congregation.


To hear the full message by Edmund Gondo, CLICK HERE