If you would like to support All Nations Church Leicester, either as a one-off gift or a monthly standing-order, you can do so on this page.

This is a secure and private method for you to help support the church financially in a way that suits you. Please note, if you are a UK taxpayer we can claim 25p Gift Aid for every £1 you give, from HM Revenue & Customs. If this applies to you please tick the ‘UK Taxpayer’ box.

To give a one off donation or to set up a standing order from your bank, please click on the ‘Give Now’ button below to use our secure system.

Alternatively you can use our bank details
Pay: All Nations Church Leicester
Account Number: 30575720
Sort Code: 20-49-11
Reference: Your surname, initials and what it’s for (e.g. Smith JA Tithe)

Donate through your salary

A hassle free way to give through your pay!

Payroll Giving, also known as Give As You Earn, is a simple way to make regular donations straight from your salary, without having to give any bank details. It is one of the most tax-effective ways of giving to charity as it comes out of your gross pay (before tax) so it will cost you at least 25% less.

How do I donate?

Setting up Payroll Giving is easy – just speak to your employer to set it up.

Every time you're paid, your Payroll Department will deduct the agreed amount from your salary and send it to us. There's nothing more for you to do.

Your donation will cost you even less, as it comes out of your gross salary (before tax). So if you agree to give £5, as a basic rate (20%) tax payer you’ll only pay £4 - the taxman makes up the remaining £1. If you are a higher rate (40%) tax payer you’ll only pay £3 - the taxman makes up the remaining £2.