Reflections Devotional from All Nations Church Leicester

Psalm 84 is ‘of the sons of Korah’ – read Numbers 16.

1) Don’t let your history determine your destiny

This story shows us that it does not matter what our ancestry is like, God never wants us to be held back by our past. Their father, Korah was given the job of carrying the precious interior furnishings of the tabernacle and to bear the Ark of the Covenant on his shoulders through the wilderness. Korah lost the privileged position he had when he rebelled and complained about the settlement of the Priesthood on Aaron and his family. He unjustly accused Moses and Aaron of taking the honour upon themselves, proudly boasting of the supposed holiness of his community. Moses takes the matter to God. The tragic end result for Korah and his men was that God opened the earth in judgement and swallowed them and their possessions all up. In spite of this it was his sons wrote this beautiful Psalm.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well

2) Overflow in passionate service and praise to God

This Psalm is all about the house of God, all about longing; singing; trusting; walking and worshiping. In verse 1 the Psalmist says that the house of God is lovely and glorious,referring to the temple. What does this house of God look like today? It is us. The dwelling place (temple) is now the body of Christ on earth. God is Lord of all the angelic hosts in the spiritual realm but also the Lord of the natural, earthly realm.

Have you ever yearned to be somewhere? (Verse 2). The Psalmist envies the swallows and sparrows because their nests are near the altar in the presence of God, a privileged position.

All of our strength is to be drawn from God (Verses 5-7). In the West we have so many provisions and possessions, but we need to remember that they all come from Him. He alone is my strength, my source. Keep your focus on God and his purposes, ‘But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well’ (Matthew 6:33). God wants us to bring all that we have and do to glorify God and extend his kingdom, everything being aligned to His will.

3) Watch our worship transform us and our environment

Even when I walk through the valley of weeping (verse 6), that place will be transformed. Despair is transformed when God is praised in that situation. This was Habakkuk’s testimony (read Habakkuk 3:17-19). In spite of everything going wrong for him, yet he rejoices in the Lord and he is transformed on the mountain peaks where he climbs higher like a deer. He chooses to worship in the place of despair. As an agent of King Jesus I am to be a source of transformation in a world of despair and sadness; to bring comfort, healing, peace and strength to others.

The Psalmist calls upon the God of Jacob (verse 8), God transformed Jacob from being a ‘no hoper’ with little potential into being named ‘Israel’. Jacob, like us needed a lot of grace and patience from God.

4) Do everything with humility, being thankful to serve God in whatever capacity He chooses.

In verse 10 the Psalmist says that just to be a gate keeper is enough for him which is the opposite attitude to Korah who considered himself better than the work to which he had been assigned.

5) It all revolves around the throne of Jesus

The Psalm ends with a song about Jesus who paid the price for our sins; he is our sun and shield, bestowing favour and honour upon us.

Let’s honour him with our lives and with our lips – daily!

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