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The Heart of Prayer


The Father's Heart


Fruit Of The Spirit Is a Weapon


It Is The Time Of Love

Phil & Sarah Smith pray over and release Ian & Marj into their new season with a vision and mandate for Europe.

Building Together

13th September 2020
This week Phil & Sarah Smith encourage us as we begin to go on our journey into the new era for All Nations Church. As we allow God to shape…

I Must, God Will

6th September 2020
This week Sarah Smith teaches on getting the balance right of being faithful to the non-negotiable things that God has called us to, and the things that God has said…
This week Ian Rossol introduces us to Phil Smith who is one of the senior leaders at Vinelife Church in Manchester. Phil has very recently been invited into the leadership…
Ian Rossol shares how the authority of heaven's kingdom has been invested in us and our homes.

Be God Where You Are

9th August 2020
Ian Jones follows on from last week's message about being being the address of Jesus and how he led a family to Jesus by using a pint of milk.

Being The Address of Jesus

2nd August 2020
Do your friends, family or neighbours know where Jesus lives? This week Ian Jones encourages us to be the address of Jesus.
Ian Rossol gives us three things we can do when going through a season of transition.

Forget The Former Things

19th July 2020
This week Marj Rossol emphasises that to embrace the new thing God is doing at this time and not miss it, then we have to forget the former ways of…
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