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It Is The Time Of Love

Embracing My Inheritance

11th March 2018

Part 1:
Most often when we think about Love, we think about how much we can love somebody else and that is beautiful and brilliant. The love that we are to focus…
From the outset men and women are to reflect the Father's image. They can be summed up in the following 3 things: 1. Covenant relationships. The Father is faithful, loyal…
God has put things in each of us specifically for the place that we are in. He's buried treasure inside of us and it's our job to find it, to…

Captivated By Jesus

21st January 2018
God wants to call us into a place of being completely captivated by Jesus. This is a journey that He wants to take each of us on this year, of…

Fishing With Jesus

14th January 2018

Reveal The Father

7th January 2018
There is one assignment that everyone of us has been given, and it will carry through any circumstance or any situation of life and that one assignment is to reveal…