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The Heart of Prayer


The Father's Heart


Fruit Of The Spirit Is a Weapon


It Is The Time Of Love

God Loves You THIS Much!

15th December 2019
As we celebrated Christmas, Ian Jones brought the message of why Jesus was born into this world.

Getting Rid of Dubious Things

8th December 2019
Ian Rossol continues to unpack the prophetic words recently brought by Emma Stark. God is calling His church back to pure, virginal, simplicity and devotion. As we see Him we…


1st December 2019
Davy Kelly took time to go over some of the prophetic words that Emma Stark brought the previous week. A significanet word for All Nations Church at this time is…

The Nutrients of Jesus

17th November 2019
Ian Rossol speaks about how Jesus came to the earth full of the love of the father. One of the nutrients we get to feed on when we take communion,…
This week it was Thanksgiving Sunday and we had Ian Jones gather everyone round for a story or two about giving our very best to God and giving what we…

Hosting The Presence of God

3rd November 2019
To only meet with Jesus once a week on a Sunday morning is not what being a Christian is all about. This week Day Kelly brings¬† a practical message on…

Flip Your Focus

27th October 2019
Are we speaking life or death?? Listen to this practical but powerful message from Michelle Arthur to discover that when we change our focus we will live in the goodness…

Compassion Sunday

20th October 2019
It was our annual Compassion Sunday and we had Luke Gratton join us to give us an update on how the All Nations family has helped many children across the…

The Kingly Anointing

13th October 2019
This week Ian Rossol began to unpack the prophetic words that were recently brought to All Nations Church by James Maloney.