REFLECTIONS: Connect, Commit, Contribute

The early church believers did everything from a place of relationship. They met corporately in the Temple to worship and receive teaching and also in homes in order to develop closer relationships.

They knew the Apostles too, as they were among the people, doing the works of Jesus and teaching.

Previously they had only known formal religion with rules to obey and access to God only through a priest once a year.  Now they had a living relationship with God and each other and rejoiced together that sins were forgiven once for all through the death of Jesus.

‘They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer’ Acts 2:42.

Jesus said,  ‘My sheep hear my voice’ John 10:27. They were learning to hear the voice of Jesus corporately and individually. Whose voice are you listening to? Do you have godly people around you to confirm that God is leading you in your decisions? This is good for our own protection and spiritual development. Even the Apostle Paul submitted his revelation to the other Apostles to make sure he wasn’t mistaken. Gal 2:1-2

The breaking of bread was an informal act, shared over a meal as the disciples enjoyed fellowship with each other. If we are to build a healthy community together; we need to connect, commit and contribute to the church body.

In order to connect and commit, we need to get to know each other in love, remembering that we cannot know everybody intimately in a large congregation. This is the great advantage of meeting in the large setting (Temple) and smaller (home) settings. The church is a family and not an institution. A family is the best place to raise children who know their identity and find their purpose in a safe environment in order to transform the wider world.

Life Groups are the building blocks of the church and are our extended family. Homes were the place of connection in the New Testament. Their example teaches us that we are to individually contribute to the whole body, see Romans 12:3-8.

Believe what God says about you rather than what you may have been taught to believe about yourself. If those thoughts are negative, reject them and replace them with what God says. In order for the body of Christ to function effectively, every person is needed and is important.

Let us commit ourselves to God and each other. Let us give Him and each other our best, our all. Let’s decide today to CONNECT, COMMIT AND CONTRIBUTE.

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