Reflections: Sharing Our Brokenness To Help The Broken

A Welsh Drug Addict Loved Into A Power Encounter With Jesus

This is the second part of a two part Reflection. Part One – Show Me God

We sat in a park in mid-Wales surrounded by drug addicts and alcoholics. Well that’s how they were labelled by society — but now to us, they were Steve and Ruth.

We had spent the week getting to know each other during our free BBQ lunches and long chats in the warm sunshine. We shared our stories of broken lives restored by Jesus and they warmed to our honesty and vulnerability.

By the end of the week they trusted us enough to venture into our packed marquee in the park. As praise rang out – in they walked, about a dozen of them, chips and beer-cans in hand.

The front row was kept empty for ministry later, so that’s where they sat, eating chips and drinking beer. Why wouldn’t they? They felt at home with us!

When the appeal was made to receive prayer, they didn’t hesitate. Ruth stepped forward. Now in her 30’s, she had been addicted to drugs and alcohol from her late teens.

I was surprised by her words,

“I have no problem with God, just with Jesus”.

“Well”, I thought, “that’s a new one” – I was ready to debate.

A team member, Diane Bruce didn’t offer theology, she offered prayer!

Ruth responded — Diane prayed.

Ruth hit the deck — I watched.

After 10 minutes, Ruth got up and turned to her friends “if you want a ‘bleep bleep’ high — get these ‘bleep bleep’ Christians to pray for you”.

Next morning, in the park, a young lady walked towards us. Clean, fresh, nice dress — we sort of recognised her, but sort of didn’t.

It was Ruth!

She woke up that morning and to her amazement, didn’t need or want a fix or a drink. She showered, put on a pretty dress and went to see her mother. Her mother had her daughter back — home and free. She was still free when we returned the following year!

It’s not called the Book of Thoughts. It’s called the Book of Acts!
– Smith Wigglesworth

That’s Our Jesus!

God so loved the world He gave…..’ John 3:16

We gave our time, we gave our stories, of brokenness and struggles, past and present.

They didn’t want perfect people feeling sorry for them, they wanted real people alongside them!

Vulnerable, honest, transparent people.

Clay jars containing the treasure of JESUS and GOOD NEWS!

If we wait until we are perfect before we give what we have, the world will have to wait for ever!

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Reflections is written by Ian Jones