The Heart of Prayer Part 2: Prayer & Authority

Reflections Devotional from All Nations Church Leicester

Hebrews 10: 7 – Jesus came to do the will of His Father, God, and since His life is now our life, His journey is now ours. Jesus kept the Father’s commandments and abides in His love. Likewise, if we keep Jesus’ commandments, we abide in His love (John 15:9).

We were made for love; all Jesus did was borne out of compassion and love for people. He heals a leper out of love (Mark 1:41). He feeds the multitude out of love (Mark 6:33-44). Jesus relates to us in love and we respond to Him in love, in intimacy.

The Name, kingdom and will of God are commanded to “be done on earth as it is in heaven”

Jesus was intimate with the Father, listening and believing in the Father’s words and through this intimacy, Jesus gained identity – the Father says of Jesus, “You are my beloved son!” (Mark 1:11). This identity produces authenticity as the Father’s word found root in Jesus that it became flesh (John 1:14); Jesus lived out the word of the Father such that that which was on the inside was demonstrated on the outside. When we are authentic, we align what is on the inside with the outside and then we can connect with the heavenly realm and then flows authority.

Prayer is rooted in intimacy and expressed in authority. Jesus taught with authority (Luke 4:32), He rebuked demons with authority (Luke 4:33- 38), healed the sick with authority (Mark 3:1-5), spoke to storms with authority (Mark 4: 35-41). He also teaches us to pray with authority!

The Lord’s Prayer, Matthew 6: 9-15, show us how to pray:

It begins with worship which is then followed by 3 authoritative / imperative statements of declaration:

Your Name – be made Holy!
Your kingdom – come!
Your will – be done!

The Name, kingdom and will of God are commanded to “be done on earth as it is in heaven”, after which we then pray for our needs – “give us this day our daily bread”. When we seek first the kingdom of God, all other things, including having our needs met, will be added unto us (Matthew. 6:33).

In Matthew 18:18 Jesus gives us authority to bind and loose situations on earth just as it is in heaven, releasing heaven unto earth. Peter, in Acts 3:1-10, uses his authority in Christ to command a crippled man to ‘walk!’. By this he releases heaven unto earth; there are no lame people in heaven and so there should be none here on earth.

Exercise your authority! In Jesus’ Name. Command His life unto every dead situation, joy unto every sad situation, faith into every doubtful situation, His peace unto every troubled situation, neighbourhood, city and nation, among others.

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